Churros with chocolate dipping sauce recipe

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Everybody loves churros. We’ve modeled our churro recipe after the original Spanish churro, which is made with simple ingredients and served with an utterly glorious chocolate sauce.

  • Yield: 15 churros
  • Total Time: 55 Minutes


  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tablespoon + 3 tablespoons white sugar (make sure it’s vegan!), divided
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 cup (125 g) all-purpose flour
  • oil for frying
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • ¼ cup chocolate chips (or baking chocolate)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
How to Make It
  1. In a pot, heat the water, 1 tablespoon sugar, salt, and coconut oil until the sugar has dissolved. Take the pot off the heat and add in the flour. Stir to combine. Let mixture cool down until cold enough to touch.
  2. Fill the churro dough into a piping bag with a star tip. Pipe 5-inch ropes of dough onto parchment paper.
  3. Heat the frying oil in a pot (just enough so that the churros can swim; make sure there’s enough room in the pot to prevent it from spilling over) to 350°F/175°C, and carefully add the churros (work in batches). Let them fry for 3 to 4 minutes until golden and crisp, then transfer the churros onto a paper towel to remove excess oil.
  4. Combine the remaining sugar and cinnamon powder in a deep plate. Coat the churros with the sugar.
  5. Heat the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a double boiler until melted to make the chocolate dipping sauce. Serve a side of chocolate dipping sauce with the churros!

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