Decorated Cookies

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Bouchon Bakery (The Thomas Keller Library)There’s nothing better than being in the kitchen with family, and decorating cookies is one of the best ways to engage children in the kitchen. Be on the lookout for interesting cutters; we have found some beauties in antique stores. We use all kinds of different colored glazes, then sprinkle the iced cookies with a variety of garnishes.


  • Green Icing
  • White Icing
  • Red Icing
  • Lemon Icing
  • Pistachio Flour
  • Large-Crystal Sparkling Sugar
  • Raspberry Powder
  • Leave Plain
How to Make It
  1. Preheat the oven as directed in the individual recipe, and line sheet pans with Silpats or parchment paper. Roll out the dough for the speculoos or the pate sucree to 1/8 inch thick. Roll out the shortbread dough to about ¼ inch thick. Use decorative cutters to cut out the cookies, and arrange them on the sheet pans, leaving space between them.
  2. Bake the cookies as the recipe specifies, but keep a watchful eye on them, as baking times will vary based on the shape and size of the cookies. Cool the cookies.
  3. Line a sheet pan with parchment and position a cooling rack on it. Arrange the cookies on the rack, leaving space between them.
  4. Warm the desired amount of pate a glacer to 130°F/54.4°C. Mix in the yogurt powder and drops of colored cocoa butter until you reach the desired color. Strain the mixture and pour it into a disposable pastiy bag. Cut ½ inch from the tip of the bag.
  5. Pipe the icing generously over the cookies, letting the excess drip down the sides. Tap the pan against the work surface to smooth the glaze and burst any air bubbles. Using the tip of a paring knife, move each cookie a couple of inches, so the rack knocks off any glaze dripping from the bottoms of the cookies. Sprinkle any garnish or decoration you like over the cookies, and refrigerate for a few minutes to set the icing. The cookies can be stored in a covered container for up to 3 days.

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